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Ultimate Security Discord BotAvoid Hacks, Nukes and Fakes
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World-leading technology to scale safety and fair play

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Discover GS Defender features

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Prevent Staff hacking

  • Autheticate Staffs to avoid working with fakes.
  • Securely give and block Staff permissions.
  • Don't let hacked accounts destroy your server.

Anti-nuke & Denuke

  • Protect your community against mass deletions and harmful alterations.
  • Preserve your community's structure.
  • Quickly recover channels and roles with their permissions if deleted.
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gs defender member verification

Member verification

  • Make sure only humans are joining your server.
  • Don't allow scammers, phishers, or banned members to enter.
  • For the first time in Discord history, once you ban a member, they can be banned forever.

Easy moderation

  • Ensure a healthy and respectful environment with our user-friendly moderation tools.
  • Control messages and manage members who break your rules.
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gs defender customizable dashboard

Customizable Dashboard & Content

  • Fully customize your security settings with our intuitive dashboard.
  • Restrict access to sensitive content such as Gambling, Crypto, or NSFW material to only verified or age-appropriate members.
  • All of that while upholding user privacy and data protection laws.

How GS Defender works

The GS Defender Discord Bot works in combination with GamerSafer Gaming ID. Through our app members create verified accounts using the latest technology to protect their data and connect with great experiences.

1. Account

Create a unique and secure Gaming ID that protects your privacy for free
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2. Verify

Verify you are not a bot, or a fake/duplicated user
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3. Add to discord

Link your Gaming ID to a Discord server by scanning a QR code
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Discover GS Defender Premium

Explore GS Defender for free or upgrade to a premium plan for additional features
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$4.99/ Mo
$20$7.99/ Mo
Role verifications13Unlimited
Staff verifications520Unlimited
Recover Channels10500500
Recover Roles10250250
Unlimited member verifications
Staff history
Age estimations
Custom verification
Daily Staff authentication

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